Why RinnieEats?

Before I met my husband there was a guy I thought I wanted to marry.
(Thank you Jesus for showing me I was WRONG) When I was going to meet
his mother for the first time he told me about their conversation
before I arrived. After the typical gamut of questions she asked a
funny one.
Mr. Wrong’s Mom: Is she an eater?
Mr. Wrong: What?
Mr. Wrong’s Mom: Is she finicky or does she know how to eat?
Mr. Wrong: *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING* Oh yeah! She’s and eater! Rinnie EATS!

See I was never the kind of girl who went on a date and was so nervous
I could barely choke down a salad. I was the girl that planned what I
would order BEFORE I arrived to the date.  If I didn’t like the
restaurant I would sweetly make a different suggestion. I’m pretty
sure most dates, I talked with my mouthful. The thing is, most guys
prefer that compared to the alternative.

I enjoy eating and when I do it with gusto I think it shows that I
enjoy life. That’s where this blog comes from.

I’ve been fooling around with this blogging thing for years and it
always comes back to food.  This whole thing might be forced for
awhile. I don’t really know. The one thing I do know is….

Rinnie EATS!


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