The Life List: With the Greatest of Ease

Do you have one?

A list of things you want to do in your lifetime?

I have one. It’s short but I add to it on a regular basis. Everyone should have one of these. It keeps your eyes open to possibilities.

Last Friday I was able to check one item off my list and it was indescribable!


She flies through the air



With the greatest of ease





That daring young girl




On the flying trapeze



Rather than try and describe it, I’ll just show the video. It compiles my first takeoff with a few other turns.


And now I’m addicted.

It’s a pretty pricy habit. I’m hoping to go twice a month. This particular rig is in Chicago at Belmont Harbor so that when you’re on the platform you can see across the lake. Anyone can sign up for a class, and you should.

Seriously, it’s life changing. I wish there was a better way to explain it. Instead, I highly recommend you experience it for yourself.

And start your own Life List.





“It’s good for gluten free” Is Not Good Enough

Cary arrived home the other night with this beautiful pink box. One of my sweet friends had stopped at a bakery that all of the gluten-eaters rave about. Turns out they have gluten free cupcakes.


Cary hands me the box and heads to the other room to get changed.
When he comes back to the kitchen I’m standing at the counter staring at the cupcake I had just taken a bite out of.

Cary: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the calories.”

Cary: “Then I think you have your answer.”

This was not a debate on “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!” I feel sorry for people who say that! They have clearly never had really delicious food. This situation was more along the lines of “Is this good? Or is this good considering it’s gluten free?” It was the latter and barely even that. These cupcakes were borderline inedible. The frosting is what had me on the fence.

I tossed the cupcakes.

You read that right. I threw them out. While I can not express adequately the gratitude I have for the friend that purchased them for me (Lauryn if you’re reading this and it pains you, I’m sorry) I am finally at a time in my life where I refuse to treat my body like a garbage disposal.

Food should never be “Good for gluten free”. It should be just plain good. When my friends eat things that I’ve baked or cooked and say “OH MAN! This is so good you can’t even tell it’s gluten free!” it is the highest praise. In fact, some of my friends have stopped mentioning the gluten altogether. It’s just really good food.

This bakery is cherished by gluten-eaters. Interestingly, I know someone who works there. I was able to tell her the gluten free cupcake recipe needs work. Funnily enough I found out that the bakery uses box mixes for all their cupcakes. Of course they add flavors and such, as well as decorate them to perfection. Bottom line is, they’re not four dollars worth of fancy. I suggested a way to improve the texture. Regardless of the mix they’re using, these cupcakes need air.

This is my plea:
If someone you love can’t have gluten and you want to show them love in the form of food, don’t make them something that’s “Good for gluten free” make them something that’s just plain GOOD!
If you need a good gluten free cupcake recommendation, I know a woman who makes them out of her home that does a fantastic job!