Yeah…we’re THAT house


As you know , if you read yesterday’s post, Trick or Treat was tonight. And the picture above is what I gave out. It’s fruit leather. It’s like a fruit roll-up type dealie but slightly healthier.

Before you become incredibly angry because I’m not passing out traditional candy….let me finish, Kanye.

I have a gluten intolerance and so do 1 in 133 people. There are lots of kids out there with other food allergies. This is a holiday that absolutely SUCKS for those children as well as their parents. I decided to hand out something that all children could enjoy, safely.

Did it feel awesome?


It was uncomfortable.
Kids have minimal filters. There was a lot of this:
Ironman: “What’s this?”
ME: “It’s like a fruit roll-up!”
Ironman: “COOL!” Runs off with parents

There was some of this:

15 year old in a mask*: “Trick or Treat”
ME: “Here ya go!”
15 year old in a mask: “Thanks” walks away under and in a breathy voice muttres “What the hell is this?”

I get it, it’s weird.
I’m find with it.
They have a BAZILLION other choices. If they hate it, no big deal. If they love it, they’ll be asking their parents for something only found in the health food section of a grocery store, which should sufficiently freak out their parents.


There’s another reason, but I’m not going to get on my soap box because I refuse to argue with one more person about this. This is why I don’t buy regular chocolate anymore.

Don’t want to read it? Ok, I’ll sum it up for you:
I care about African children and apparently you don’t because you buy chocolate that supports slave labor.



I’m joking to an extent. What you purchase is your choice. I just think it is important to be informed.
Anyway, I severely underestimated the amount of Trick or Treaters, ran out of treats in an hour and am currently hiding in my house with all the lights out.

Note to self: Next year you have to purchase more than 150 treats.

*Dear 15 year old still Trick or Treating, there is absolutely NO reason to be ashamed! You’re not nearly as pathetic as the parents carrying around their infant that can’t even walk and asking for free candy, sometimes while smoking a cigarette.


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