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Yesterday, I completely forgot to blog about Thursday. All I can remember about Thursday was that I did everything I was supposed to, but it ended with a lengthy conversation about my brother who is in prison (not a joke, one of my brothers really is in prison). I’m pretty sure that conversation forced me to block everything else out.

And that’s OK.

Let’s talk about Friday.

We had an Erin and Kelli’s day of fun that was slightly too scheduled and lacked the flexibility we typically enjoy. Fun was had, none the less. We had lunch at Big Bowl downtown. (Someday I will review that place. MMMMMMHMMMM) We each had a Mani Pedi then battled traffic to get to a west suburb so I could get spray tanned for the Gala event that we’re going to tonight.

That’s right, I attend Galas. I am fancy.
We were too busy having fun to take pictures. So, that’s another thing I missed. We should probably take a look at the list now.

~Take My Vitamins Nope
~15 Minutes of Exercise Kelli pointed out this morning that we walked a lot but I’m not sure I can count that
~Weight Lift Twice a Week No again and this will be a fail for this week. I’ll only be able to lift once because of my lack of planning. 
~1600/2200 Calories I was in the 2200 range yesterday. I blame Shark Week
~Limit of 2 Alcoholic Beverages Per Week Saving those for the Gala
~Read For an Hour Damn! Another one I missed
~Take and Instaphoto No, but I’m selling my old DSLR because I bought a new DSLR that is more compact and amazing in general. More pictures will be happening.
~Blog Yes, but barely
~Drink a Quart of Water First Thing in the Morning Yes, thank goodness for sticky notes
~Drink a Smoothie (These smoothies have specific nutrients I’m trying to get into my body) Yes, it was…OK
~Eat a Big Green Salad No 😦
~Eat one Dark Leafy Vegetable (that is not in my smoothie) Yes! There were dark greens in my Big Bowl food
~Drink Green Juice Yes, thank goodness Whole Foods was adjacent to where we parked. 

I told Cary last night that I’m worried that this challenge is becoming a bust. I stepped on the scale on Wednesday (because I forgot on Sunday) and it read 159.2. That’s a .4 lb loss. I know I’ve got Shark Week bloat going on, but it still bums me out. His response is
“Well what can you do about it? Do better tomorrow.”

Solid advice.
In the words of Elder Cunningham’s mother “Tomorrow’s a Latter Day”!


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