It happened…again

Hey! Remember when this happened? Well, it happened again.
I actually took less of the medication than the first time and I still fell asleep around 7pm and woke at 8:30am. I could have gotten up, but…

1000 points to those of you who get this meme

1000 points to those of you who get this meme

It was kind of a bummer to wake up this morning and realize I had lost the majority of my day yesterday. The good news is, that’s the last of my cavities. I don’t anticipate acquiring any more because I floss now…like and adult. (Copy write Ben Konowitz)

Instead of dwelling on my failure…wait…I don’t know if going into a Xanax induced coma that the DOCTOR PRESCRIBED is considered failure. Either way, I’m going to focus on the changes I have noticed since this challenge started.

For example: While I was away over the weekend, instead of eating every last delicious morsel on my plate, I paid attention to my hunger signals and STOPPED EATING. It’s a novel concept that isn’t taught much in the good ‘ole US of A thanks to the “clean plate club” idea that is instilled at a young age, for some people.
My parents did not raise me that way. Instead, we ate dinner, if I didn’t like something I didn’t have to eat it. Then about an hour later, my dad and I would polish off an entire bag of Katie’s potato chips or half a gallon of ice cream. Which is MUCH better than the clean plate club! (Sarcasm font)

Regardless of whether we participated in the clean plate club as children, all of our parents passed down their horrific eating habits. (or for those lucky few, non-horrific eating habits)

Phillip Larkin does an excellent job summing up childhood in general:

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.*

The rest of the poem is far more depressing than funny, but feel free to read it anyway. This is what parents do, but we can’t accept that as our fate. Especially because it would be doing them a disservice considering they tried their best (in most cases) to make us wonderful human beings. For us to not use the good tools they gave us to deal with the bad, is just plain rude.

All of that to say that to-go boxes were never really a thing I utilized until I recently.

He's alive! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!

He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!!!!!

I didn’t have a transition prepared, so I figured that picture would do.
Before we left Indy, we wanted to see our pastor** Nate Loucks who just had a big piece of lung removed. You can read more specifics over here.
We had planned on seeing him Saturday around the time that Notre Dame kicked off (He LOVES the Irish) he was still in excruciating pain. We decided to stay an extra night and visit him on Sunday. Thankfully, he was in good spirits and the pain was a bit more controlled. Please pray for him.  He won’t be going home as early as he wanted and controlling the pain has been a battle.

Something that Cary learned from one of his Youth Ministry Professors (yes, he was a Youth Ministry major back in the day) was that showing up is important. If you have a student that has a football game, a play, a band concert, a parole hearing, you show up. This is something that has truly stuck with both of us. When some of our friends have had performances or important events in their lives that we’ve been invited to, many of them have followed up the invitation with “If you can’t make it, it’s no big deal.” Maybe they believe that. But, you know what happens when you show up to support them?
It’s a BIG DEAL.

**While he is our pastor, calling him our pastor seems weird because he’s our friend.
*I’ve stopped apologizing/giving warning about the language I use on my blog. It’s not a blog for children, don’t read it to them. I use colorful language, I don’t feel it affects my salvation or my relationship with Jesus Christ. If you disagree with me, that is just fine.

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