By the Skin of My Teeth!

We’re in Indy for the weekend. We safely arrived yesterday.

caramelappleDespite Cary’s unsafe driving habits.
The Affy Tapples are bad this year y’all. Don’t bother!

Before we left I managed to climb out of bed early enough to go to 9am Jazzercise, taught by the lovely and talented Janet. I SO needed to do Jazzercise. More than I realized. My cardio is completely shot. Not that I need strong cardio, I just really enjoy Jazzercising. You would probably be shocked to know that you can build your cardio simply by lifting weights. I could probably go run a mile or so with no trouble, because I lift heavy. Jazzercise is a whole different animal! Believe me. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’m excited to get back to where I was a year ago when I was going regularly.
After Jazz I took an hour of Yoga which is getting better every week. After lifting on Thursday my body was in need of a good stretch. However, our instructor really works us and my abs are still sore from some of the work. Seriously….SORE.
One of my favorite features of Janet teaching Jazzercise, is the pet therapy.
gabbykissesI know I have my own dogs, but her dogs are GREAT. This is the only Dachshund I like and I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s mixed with Yorkie.

OK fast forward several hours later and we’re in Indy. We had an excellent dinner (where I maintained my calorie count) and then went to….

Have you ever been to an Orange Leaf*? I will admit, I used to be snobby about frozen yogurt. Everyone touts it to be some sort of health food when in fact it’s shitty ice cream with less fat and more sugar. The multitude of toppings were appealing, but the one time I went to a fancy “Fro-Yo” place it was expensive and not that good.
Enter Orange Leaf. They had probably 20 different flavors of Frozen Yogurt before you even go to the toppings! It was incredible. I had peanut butter and Hot Fudge with Marshmallow Creme. Cary had 2 different flavors that stayed separated because THEY HAVE FROZEN YOGURT DIVIDER THINGIES!! Genius! I didn’t take any pictures because we were having such a great time with Cary’s parents, I forgot that I would have to blog about these things.

That Yogurt might have been the highlight of my trip. Just kidding! The highlight is obviously the people I’ve been spending time with. Cary’s parents are great and this visit was overdue.

Made it just before midnight! Unless WordPress is on Eastern time!

I didn’t take any pictures because we were having such a great time with Cary’s parents, I forgot that I would have to blog about these things.

*This post was not sponsored in anyway by Orange Leaf. However, should they stumble upon my page and find this glowing review, I would happily accept freebees! Your Yogurt is DOPE!
(Dear Lord! I just said Dope, I need sleep!)


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