The Tale of the Fail

Monday went SO WELL!

My day started at 5:15am. I got my butt downtown by 7:30am, plenty of time to grab Starbucks before my assignment.

It was a gorgeous day to wander around Chicago and I used that to my advantage. I walked for an extra 30 minutes for my 15 minutes of exercise. I got to eat at Jason’s Deli and have a really delicious sandwich that fit in my calorie allotment.  I read for an hour and posted a great picture on Instagram.

goldenhourI finish my Mondays around 6pm and then head to my parking garage. The lighting is magical and keeps me happy after my long day. I had to stop by Costco on the way home to grab dog food so the pups wouldn’t starve. At that point I was becoming irritated. The last thing you want to do after a 12 hour day is make one more stop. However, something strange happened on my way home from Costco. I talked myself into going to the gym to lift. That never happens. I talk myself out of it pretty regularly, the opposite rarely occurs. When I arrived home, I took care of the dogs, threw on some workout clothes and headed for the gym. I realized once I got there and checked my Fitocracy account that it had been FIVE WEEKS since I had lifted. FIVE WEEKS!?!?!?! That’s way too long. I had to back down all of my weights. Squat 160, Overhead Press 60 and Deadlift 160. But, I’m still pretty proud of myself.
liftingI got home and was taking a bath when I got a text from Cary with this:

pennypThis is something she has started doing when I go to the bathroom, when I’m in the shower, pretty much any time I’m doing anything she wants to be with me. I’m telling you, if you don’t have a dog that loves you this much…I pray someday that you do. I went to bed ready to conquer the next day!

Then it all went to crap! Don’t get me wrong, Tuesday went OK. I was so exhausted by the end of it, I could barely blog. Which is why you got to read this gem of a post.

On Tuesday nights I have an ongoing assignment very far away in the Western Suburbs from 7-8pm. Then on Wednesday morning I have to be back downtown by 8am. In order to make myself less crazy, I stay the night at my friend Kelli’s house in Miller.

That's Kelli. We pretty much are having that much fun ALL. THE. TIME.

That’s Kelli. We pretty much have that much fun ALL. THE. TIME.

I woke up Wednesday morning with another migraine. This one was so debilitating, I could barely stand and had to call off work. I hate calling off work. I enjoy work, as well as the money it produces. There was just no way I could drive safely, or do  my job well. I slept until I had to be up for my second job of the day and felt a bit better. Still not great. Needless to say, challenge went out the window. This is what I got done:
~Read for an hour
~Ate probably less than 1600calories
~Took my vitamins

It’s not a huge fail, but it’s pretty bad. Cary is convinced I’m experiencing sleep debt, which makes sense.
I’m going to have to find a way to make sure I’m getting better sleep. Easier said than done.

Things I’ve learned in the first week of this challenge:
~The things I thought would be hard are easier than I expected. The opposite is also true.
~Procrastination is my biggest enemy. If I think “I should do that now because I have time/am in the mood to do it.” I need to do it immediately.
~Regular sleep is vital to this process.
~I love my challenge. If I was doing something as daunting as this I would be a terrible person to be around.




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