I’m alive…I’M ALIVE

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in days. I realized it was becoming a chore. Something that was taking me away from regular life.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve just been really sucking at time management. In the time I had to blog, I knew it would be crap, so I just didn’t do it.

Let’s move on shall we?

In the small town of LaPorte, Trick or Treat has been postponed until tomorrow. This is apparently a HUGE problem for many parents on Facebook. I looked on Cary’s Facebook to check and see if it was still on for tonight because some nearby cities have postponed due to inclement weather. Oh to be a public official with a Facebook page.
Some parents have straight up LOST IT over Trick or Treat being on November 1st. I’m pretty sure I saw some people without kids losing it too. I sat and read all 124 comments while I ate my lunch because…sometimes it’s just funny to watch adults behave like children. I really do empathize with the parents who took off work in order to take their kids Trick or Treating but the neighboring cities are still giving away free candy tonight so why not travel a smidge so your children don’t have to go to therapy when they’re older.

I assume it will go something like that.

The challenge stalled quite a bit. However, we’re in the final countdown and I have a plan to finish strong.
So far everything has gone well, except working out. The schedule for my final 6 days before Vegas:
Today: Jazzercise! WOOOOO
Friday: Pick up heavy things and put them back down, repeatedly.
Saturday: Jazzercise and probably Yoga
Sunday: Pick up heavy things and put them back down.
Monday: Rest because…seriously…that day is crazy busy. But I’ll be walking all over the city.
Tuesday: Jazzercise!

WEDNESDAY WE GO TO VEGAS BABY! I’m getting so excited that I’m already in vacation mode. Which has a significant downside.

But I will persevere!

And I’ll tell you all about it every day for the next 6 days. I promise…


I love Laporte

Can you believe this gorgeous lake is in Laporte? This is from yesterday before the Gala which was awesome! So was the rest of the day. However, someone really upset me today and I still haven’t been able to figure out if I’m being too sensitive or they’re too insensitive. All my energy has been spent on that. Tomorrow will be better.


Insert Title Here

Yesterday, I completely forgot to blog about Thursday. All I can remember about Thursday was that I did everything I was supposed to, but it ended with a lengthy conversation about my brother who is in prison (not a joke, one of my brothers really is in prison). I’m pretty sure that conversation forced me to block everything else out.

And that’s OK.

Let’s talk about Friday.

We had an Erin and Kelli’s day of fun that was slightly too scheduled and lacked the flexibility we typically enjoy. Fun was had, none the less. We had lunch at Big Bowl downtown. (Someday I will review that place. MMMMMMHMMMM) We each had a Mani Pedi then battled traffic to get to a west suburb so I could get spray tanned for the Gala event that we’re going to tonight.

That’s right, I attend Galas. I am fancy.
We were too busy having fun to take pictures. So, that’s another thing I missed. We should probably take a look at the list now.

~Take My Vitamins Nope
~15 Minutes of Exercise Kelli pointed out this morning that we walked a lot but I’m not sure I can count that
~Weight Lift Twice a Week No again and this will be a fail for this week. I’ll only be able to lift once because of my lack of planning. 
~1600/2200 Calories I was in the 2200 range yesterday. I blame Shark Week
~Limit of 2 Alcoholic Beverages Per Week Saving those for the Gala
~Read For an Hour Damn! Another one I missed
~Take and Instaphoto No, but I’m selling my old DSLR because I bought a new DSLR that is more compact and amazing in general. More pictures will be happening.
~Blog Yes, but barely
~Drink a Quart of Water First Thing in the Morning Yes, thank goodness for sticky notes
~Drink a Smoothie (These smoothies have specific nutrients I’m trying to get into my body) Yes, it was…OK
~Eat a Big Green Salad No 😦
~Eat one Dark Leafy Vegetable (that is not in my smoothie) Yes! There were dark greens in my Big Bowl food
~Drink Green Juice Yes, thank goodness Whole Foods was adjacent to where we parked. 

I told Cary last night that I’m worried that this challenge is becoming a bust. I stepped on the scale on Wednesday (because I forgot on Sunday) and it read 159.2. That’s a .4 lb loss. I know I’ve got Shark Week bloat going on, but it still bums me out. His response is
“Well what can you do about it? Do better tomorrow.”

Solid advice.
In the words of Elder Cunningham’s mother “Tomorrow’s a Latter Day”!

And Then I Remembered…

SHIT! I forgot to blog today!!

But, I did everything else…except 15 minutes of excercise…and a big salad….I just remembered I forgot those things too. Oh well in 30 minutes it will be a new day and I’ll do better. 

Dear Haters of the Ebook, I owe you an apology!

*Welcome new readers. This blog entry isn’t particularly funny. If you get bored, there are a few gems in the right hand column under Marriage is Fun that are more silly and less business like. Enjoy!

I love audio books! As much as I am on the go, I can get through more books in general that way. I also DELIGHT in my Kindle because for some reason, I can devour books much faster than regular printed books. I have heard the arguments for “real books” time and time again about how a “real book” feels in your hand. I guess I’m just not that tactile of a person. I prefer my e-reader and feel like those who don’t use one haven’t given it the proper chance.

Today….I had an epiphany. I’m currently listening to Aisha Tyler read her book Self Inflicted Wounds. I was just through half the first chapter when I realized how amazingly quotable this book is. This book is GOLD. Hearing her read the words herself is fantastic, but I really want to highlight. You can bookmark and make notes on the Audible app and on your e-reader but it’s not the same or as easy as a “real book”. I finally realized the value of actual, physical books.

I will be looking for an independent book store that has this book, so that I can purchase it. And then highlight the crap out of it!

In other news the challenge is going well. You’ll be interested to know that I’ve added stuff. Let’s review shall we:

~Take My Vitamins
~15 Minutes of Exercise
~Weight Lift Twice a Week
~1600/2200 Calories
~Limit of 2 Alcoholic Beverages Per Week
~Read For an Hour
~Take and Instaphoto
~Drink a Quart of Water First Thing in the Morning
~Try Not to Pee Myself (Just kidding…well..kinda kidding, a quart seems like a lot)
~Drink a Smoothie (These smoothies have specific nutrients I’m trying to get into my body)
~Eat a Big Green Salad
~Eat one Dark Leafy Vegetable (that is not in my smoothie)
~Drink Green Juice

Those additions are added to my daily checklist. I found out a few days ago that I’ve been eating ALL THE WRONG THINGS and pretty much everything I eat exacerbates my Endometriosis. I will be adding those things and cutting out most dairy as well as limiting red meat and pork products. You know, basically everything I love has to go.
If it makes me feel better and improves my situation, it will be worth it. It is going to take even more planning though.

This blog post sucks.


It happened…again

Hey! Remember when this happened? Well, it happened again.
I actually took less of the medication than the first time and I still fell asleep around 7pm and woke at 8:30am. I could have gotten up, but…

1000 points to those of you who get this meme

1000 points to those of you who get this meme

It was kind of a bummer to wake up this morning and realize I had lost the majority of my day yesterday. The good news is, that’s the last of my cavities. I don’t anticipate acquiring any more because I floss now…like and adult. (Copy write Ben Konowitz)

Instead of dwelling on my failure…wait…I don’t know if going into a Xanax induced coma that the DOCTOR PRESCRIBED is considered failure. Either way, I’m going to focus on the changes I have noticed since this challenge started.

For example: While I was away over the weekend, instead of eating every last delicious morsel on my plate, I paid attention to my hunger signals and STOPPED EATING. It’s a novel concept that isn’t taught much in the good ‘ole US of A thanks to the “clean plate club” idea that is instilled at a young age, for some people.
My parents did not raise me that way. Instead, we ate dinner, if I didn’t like something I didn’t have to eat it. Then about an hour later, my dad and I would polish off an entire bag of Katie’s potato chips or half a gallon of ice cream. Which is MUCH better than the clean plate club! (Sarcasm font)

Regardless of whether we participated in the clean plate club as children, all of our parents passed down their horrific eating habits. (or for those lucky few, non-horrific eating habits)

Phillip Larkin does an excellent job summing up childhood in general:

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.*

The rest of the poem is far more depressing than funny, but feel free to read it anyway. This is what parents do, but we can’t accept that as our fate. Especially because it would be doing them a disservice considering they tried their best (in most cases) to make us wonderful human beings. For us to not use the good tools they gave us to deal with the bad, is just plain rude.

All of that to say that to-go boxes were never really a thing I utilized until I recently.

He's alive! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!

He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!!!!!

I didn’t have a transition prepared, so I figured that picture would do.
Before we left Indy, we wanted to see our pastor** Nate Loucks who just had a big piece of lung removed. You can read more specifics over here.
We had planned on seeing him Saturday around the time that Notre Dame kicked off (He LOVES the Irish) he was still in excruciating pain. We decided to stay an extra night and visit him on Sunday. Thankfully, he was in good spirits and the pain was a bit more controlled. Please pray for him.  He won’t be going home as early as he wanted and controlling the pain has been a battle.

Something that Cary learned from one of his Youth Ministry Professors (yes, he was a Youth Ministry major back in the day) was that showing up is important. If you have a student that has a football game, a play, a band concert, a parole hearing, you show up. This is something that has truly stuck with both of us. When some of our friends have had performances or important events in their lives that we’ve been invited to, many of them have followed up the invitation with “If you can’t make it, it’s no big deal.” Maybe they believe that. But, you know what happens when you show up to support them?
It’s a BIG DEAL.

**While he is our pastor, calling him our pastor seems weird because he’s our friend.
*I’ve stopped apologizing/giving warning about the language I use on my blog. It’s not a blog for children, don’t read it to them. I use colorful language, I don’t feel it affects my salvation or my relationship with Jesus Christ. If you disagree with me, that is just fine.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Drudgery

Because we traveled to Indy for the weekend, I knew my challenge would be…well…challenging. Whenever we’re with Cary’s parents, we go out to eat. This weekend was no different. I was so worried that I would have a difficult time with my calories and I didn’t want to be a party-pooper. I decided that instead of beating myself up all weekend, I would just do my best with the situation and enjoy. I did a pretty fantastic job, if I do say so myself.

We went to a place last night called BJ’s Brewhouse. These people KNOW how to take care of gluten free guests. I started out with Gluten Free Broccoli Cheese soup which almost always has flour in it because it’s used to thicken it up. Cheese makes things thick, people! Then I ordered Balsamic Glazed Chicken with White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes.

I know it looks like Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce but it's not

I know it looks like Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce but it’s not

They had a really delicious gluten free Berry Blast Cider on tap that was delightfully dry. I ordered one and then changed my mind. I had already had my 2 cocktails for the week and once it arrived, I couldn’t seem to enjoy it. I know you’re supposed to enjoy cheating (or something) but I don’t.

The most amazing treat was served to me for dessert

It's called a Pizzookie and it's heavenly!

It’s called a Pizzookie and it’s heavenly!

That’s a terrible picture but I was in a hurry to eat it. It’s a gluten free chocolate chip cookie baked in a small pizza pan so it’s nice and thick, then topped with vanilla ice cream. My parents used to make this kind of a dessert when I was little. What a treat to be able to have it now!

This face doesn't begin to describe the bliss.

This face doesn’t begin to describe the bliss.


This one does show how protective I was of my dessert.

This one does show how protective I was of my dessert.

I did go slightly over my calorie count. It was worth it and I took half of my soup and half of my entree home. I really did quite well considering we went out to eat for all 3 meals yesterday.

But, before all of this I was able to hang with my life long best friend who lives in Indy while my family grabbed lunch together.


We spent a few hours  at Starbucks catching up on life. Time flew by far too quickly and she had to get back to her adorable children waiting for her at home.
I cried on the way back to my in-laws.
Time, in general, flies by too quickly. Indianapolis isn’t that far away and yet I hadn’t seen her since February. Is my life really that busy? Part of me thinks it is. We had tried to get together a few times and it just didn’t work out, but am I really putting forth enough of an effort? How hard would it be to get down to Indy, once a month or even once a quarter?
She is good for my soul. She understands me in a way that other people don’t.



I’m on the top right and Jaclyn is the brunette next to me. Click to enlarge and see my goofy face!

It’s a friendship of 26 years. Not many people have that with people who are not their siblings.
If you have a dear friend like mine, cherish them.
If they live near by, go hug them. If they don’t, give them a call or send a text.
They are far more valuable than gold!


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