September sucks!

Thankfully it is almost over!

Most people don’t realize that September is one of the most difficult months of the year for those of us who battle with depression. Due to the rapidly changing light, our brain chemistry does something bizarre. I can’t fully explain it, all I know is the end result is depression and sometimes anxiety, even for those that are medicated.

The strange part is that when you wake up on a beautiful morning like today, the sun is up, the birds and cicadas are chirping, the air is cool and crisp but you still want to crawl back under the covers and ignore every single responsibility you have.

Turning to food is an easy way to boost serotonin. Unfortunately the release is temporary and the calories stick around much longer.  Coffee suppresses serotonin so that extra cup isn’t helping you as much as you think.

So, what do we do? Try and avoid the hole.

When you’re in the house keep all the lights on.

Leave the house as much as possible.

Drag your butt to the gym.

Meet with friends as often as you can.

Look for the light

Figure out what it takes to keep you out of the hole and do it as much as possible.

And if you find yourself stuck in there anyway. Help is available.

And if you need me, I’ll be baking!