It’s like I got roofied. No I’m not making a rape joke, I actually felt like I took rohypnol….please don’t send me hate mail.

While growing up I had to have SEVERAL teeth removed because my mouth was too small for all my teeth. This caused a significant amount of anxiety. While my dentist was WONDERFUL (so wonderful I went to a pediatric dentist until I was 20) nobody likes having teeth removed.

When I finally decided to go back to the dentist this year, I knew I’d be in for a doozy after neglecting dental care (other than brushing twice daily…most of the time) for nearly 8 years. It took them 3 visits to clean my teeth because they had to do something called a root ****something, I can’t remember what it’s called and my friend Jennifer isn’t texting me back fast enough. (Did you know ‘texting’ is a word that WordPress’ spell check thinks isn’t a word?)

Yesterday I got 3 cavities filled. These were the first fillings I have EVER had. Due to the fact that just sitting in the dentist chair gives me pit stains, they gave me sedatives to take before my appointment. My friend Jonny picked me up (had to have a driver since I was on drugs) and I was all smiley and overly chatty for the ride to the dentist. I remember them numbing me, because it really didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. (I don’t think that’s because of the sedatives, I think that’s because this dentist is just as good as my pediatric dentist.) Then I remember getting back in the car with Jonny and being keenly aware that I really wasn’t talking, and neither was he. I remember waking up on the couch and deciding to go to bed. I remember Cary coming home and asking him what time it was when he finally went to bed. My appointment was at 4pm which means I probably went to bed around 6:30 and slept on and off for 16 hours.

I’m slowly remembering things, but there’s stuff that happened that I flat out DO NOT REMEMBER like this (I’m the blue bubbles):

I followed that up with "You'll be coming home to a worthless anima. Just getting to the bathroom is tough" Does anyone know what I meant by anima??

I followed that up with “You’ll be coming home to a worthless anima. Just getting to the bathroom is tough” Does anyone know what I meant by anima??

I also just found out that I text messaged my friend Heath about how weird I felt BEFORE I EVEN WENT TO THE DENTIST. Don’t know why I thought he would give a crap or find that information useful. He obviously didn’t, since he didn’t respond to it.
I found what looks to be the remains of applesauce in a ramekin and a short glass with a straw in it. When I say short glass, I mean there was absolutely no reason to put a bendy straw in it. What did I drink out of it? My breath this morning indicated it wasn’t alcohol (thank the Lord) but it’s not a glass I typically use, so I’m still quite curious!

Root Planing and Scaling! That’s what it’s called thanks Jennifer! I think I’m even more ADD than usual because of the side effects of whatever drug they gave me OH LOOK A KITTY!

Regardless of the memory loss, it was MUCH better than dealing with it unmedicated. WHAT?! Unmedicated isn’t a word either?

Sorry WordPress spell check, I respectfully disagree!


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