This post wasn’t supposed to be about water trying to kill me…

The Elf4Health challenge today seemed pretty awesome! It was to convert your weight into ounces and drink that much water.

For me 146 ounces.

I was about to swallow my 100th ounce when some of it went down the wrong pipe causing me to choke. I was trying to figure out what to do since I needed to cough but didn’t want to spit water all over my cat. In the end my gag reflex won and Admiral Meow Meow is now soaking wet and looking at me like “What the #$&* is wrong with you?”

So, I’m calling it good at 100 ounces.The thought of drinking any more tonight makes me nervous.

It’s that same feeling you get if you’ve ever taken a giant bite of steak, not chewed it enough because you were in such a hurry to get another piece of steak in your mouth, so you swallow and it gets half way down your throat and you realize “I can’t breathe, I have a giant piece of steak lodged in my throat!” but you’re in front of other people, possibly in a fancy steak house so you try and play it off but then decide you should probably use the international sign for choking, but no one understands you so ultimately you have to reach into your mouth and PULL THE PIECE OF STEAK OUT OF YOUR THROAT BEFORE YOU DIE FROM CHOKING ON STEAK because that would be the most embarrassing obituary ever! And then you don’t want to eat steak again for like a month.

Yeah, it’s just like that….but with water…


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