It’s like I got roofied. No I’m not making a rape joke, I actually felt like I took rohypnol….please don’t send me hate mail.

While growing up I had to have SEVERAL teeth removed because my mouth was too small for all my teeth. This caused a significant amount of anxiety. While my dentist was WONDERFUL (so wonderful I went to a pediatric dentist until I was 20) nobody likes having teeth removed.

When I finally decided to go back to the dentist this year, I knew I’d be in for a doozy after neglecting dental care (other than brushing twice daily…most of the time) for nearly 8 years. It took them 3 visits to clean my teeth because they had to do something called a root ****something, I can’t remember what it’s called and my friend Jennifer isn’t texting me back fast enough. (Did you know ‘texting’ is a word that WordPress’ spell check thinks isn’t a word?)

Yesterday I got 3 cavities filled. These were the first fillings I have EVER had. Due to the fact that just sitting in the dentist chair gives me pit stains, they gave me sedatives to take before my appointment. My friend Jonny picked me up (had to have a driver since I was on drugs) and I was all smiley and overly chatty for the ride to the dentist. I remember them numbing me, because it really didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. (I don’t think that’s because of the sedatives, I think that’s because this dentist is just as good as my pediatric dentist.) Then I remember getting back in the car with Jonny and being keenly aware that I really wasn’t talking, and neither was he. I remember waking up on the couch and deciding to go to bed. I remember Cary coming home and asking him what time it was when he finally went to bed. My appointment was at 4pm which means I probably went to bed around 6:30 and slept on and off for 16 hours.

I’m slowly remembering things, but there’s stuff that happened that I flat out DO NOT REMEMBER like this (I’m the blue bubbles):

I followed that up with "You'll be coming home to a worthless anima. Just getting to the bathroom is tough" Does anyone know what I meant by anima??

I followed that up with “You’ll be coming home to a worthless anima. Just getting to the bathroom is tough” Does anyone know what I meant by anima??

I also just found out that I text messaged my friend Heath about how weird I felt BEFORE I EVEN WENT TO THE DENTIST. Don’t know why I thought he would give a crap or find that information useful. He obviously didn’t, since he didn’t respond to it.
I found what looks to be the remains of applesauce in a ramekin and a short glass with a straw in it. When I say short glass, I mean there was absolutely no reason to put a bendy straw in it. What did I drink out of it? My breath this morning indicated it wasn’t alcohol (thank the Lord) but it’s not a glass I typically use, so I’m still quite curious!

Root Planing and Scaling! That’s what it’s called thanks Jennifer! I think I’m even more ADD than usual because of the side effects of whatever drug they gave me OH LOOK A KITTY!

Regardless of the memory loss, it was MUCH better than dealing with it unmedicated. WHAT?! Unmedicated isn’t a word either?

Sorry WordPress spell check, I respectfully disagree!


Random Acts of Kindness are my anti-drug

Remember that campaign? Am I the only one?

Hang on let me consult Google Images

Oh this one is fitting!





Ok, maybe that’s more my anti-drug than ROAKs but I have a new kindled love for being kind to people in unexpected ways. So I’ve decided that instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’m giving myself a challenge.

A big one.

In 2013 I’m going to accomplish, 365 Random Acts of Kindness. I’m really excited about it but haven’t handled all the details yet, so stay tuned!

Today’s Elf4Health challenge is to look in the mirror and name 3 things you love about yourself. I snapped this picture of myself

2012-12-26 16.18.43And said the following on Instagram:

Three things I love when I look in the mirror: my smile, my blue eyes, my bright red hair.
Three things I love about me that you can’t see: my heart for people, my ability to find fun in the every day minutiae of life, my sentimentality (particularly around this time of year)





It’s awkward to talk about things you like about yourself. I think we immediately feel like we are bragging but it’s important to know the good in yourself considering society prefers to point out the bad.

Because I know it’s difficult, I’ve decided to pick 5 people in my life and name 3 things I love about them. I’m not using last names, but you know who you are.

Dianne-your open mind about controversial subjects, your gentle wisdom that you unknowingly share, your generous spirit

Nate-your ability to make people feel like they’re being heard, your willingness to be transparent, your sense of humor in a variety of settings.

Ali-the way you instantly make people feel like they matter, your enthusiasm for your job, your courage to try new things

Jim-your enthusiasm to change your life, your passion for your family, your desire to serve those in need

Greg(though you probably don’t read my blog)-the way you help a friend or family member with only a moment’s notice, your ability to shoot people straight without coming of as a giant jerk, how much you LOVE your wife and daughters
We need to be more encouraging and tell each other about what’s good in them. It’s hard to receive praise, but it’s easy to give it out.

Tell someone how amazing they are today!


Dear Jon Acuff, today I almost became a Quitter, but not in a good way…

The whole point of this Biggest Loser competition was to make us all chill out on the gluttony during the holidays.  However, I’m highly competitive and I’m currently in 2nd place with a loss of 6.53% . The person in first has a loss of 6.56%  with a lot more to lose than me. I almost gave up today because I REALLY want to eat Brie cheese and drink eggnog and wine and this new stuff I found called Rumchata that is freaking delicious.

EXACTLY! go buy some and invite me over the night of the 23rd!

EXACTLY! go buy some and invite me over the night of the 23rd!

There are times when we all forget our “end game”.

I’m not done on the 23rd.

These habits I’m trying to create are supposed to continue for the rest of my life. While I feel like a broken record, I feel the need to remind myself that it’s not about winning the competition. (Although if everybody pays it’s about $400, some slackers haven’t turned in their money yet, jerks!) The point is, I want to have children and I don’t want to pass on my bad habits to my children the way my parents’ habits were passed on to me. In order to do that, I need to get rid of these habits before I have children. I also want to be around as long as possible for Cary and I want him to be around as long as possible for me. (I mean, we’re going to die on the same day so neither of us will be lonely, God and I made a deal, but STILL! )

So, if anybody needs me, I’ll be at the gym squatting, dead lifting and overhead pressing at 8:30pm, even though I would much rather be sitting on my couch eating (socially responsible) Chocolate ice cream (with Rumchata drizzled over the top)watching Dexter.

Because doing what is necessary is what grown ups do.*

And I am a grown up!….sorta



*Grown ups also wash their faces twice a day and take their vitamins, but ya know…baby steps.

This post wasn’t supposed to be about water trying to kill me…

The Elf4Health challenge today seemed pretty awesome! It was to convert your weight into ounces and drink that much water.

For me 146 ounces.

I was about to swallow my 100th ounce when some of it went down the wrong pipe causing me to choke. I was trying to figure out what to do since I needed to cough but didn’t want to spit water all over my cat. In the end my gag reflex won and Admiral Meow Meow is now soaking wet and looking at me like “What the #$&* is wrong with you?”

So, I’m calling it good at 100 ounces.The thought of drinking any more tonight makes me nervous.

It’s that same feeling you get if you’ve ever taken a giant bite of steak, not chewed it enough because you were in such a hurry to get another piece of steak in your mouth, so you swallow and it gets half way down your throat and you realize “I can’t breathe, I have a giant piece of steak lodged in my throat!” but you’re in front of other people, possibly in a fancy steak house so you try and play it off but then decide you should probably use the international sign for choking, but no one understands you so ultimately you have to reach into your mouth and PULL THE PIECE OF STEAK OUT OF YOUR THROAT BEFORE YOU DIE FROM CHOKING ON STEAK because that would be the most embarrassing obituary ever! And then you don’t want to eat steak again for like a month.

Yeah, it’s just like that….but with water…

It takes 66 days and I can’t wait til January 1st!

It takes 66 days to develop a habit, they’ve done research.

I want to be one of those people who moves every day for at least 30 minutes. I want it to be who I am. I have a friend who is 67 and moves around like a 30 year old. (She’ll probably disagree with me but seriously, she’s impressive!)

Starting today, for the next 10 weeks, I’ll be doing some sort of exercise for 30 minutes a day. Unlike my insane friend Ben who will be working out like a crazy person. I’m starting small.  I’m hoping that after the 10 weeks, it will just be automatic for me to exercise.

As part of my #Elf4Health challenge I was to plan out a weeks worth of workouts and meal plans. This is something I typically try to do, but fail on the execution. Here’s hoping I keep it up! I’m thinking it will be easier to follow my plan since compared to my typical work schedule, I’m doing almost NOTHING for the next few weeks. (nothing=about 30hours this week)I’m sure it will pick up but in the meantime, I’m really looking forward to having some time off and enjoying all the fun challenges with Elf4Health.

Also, I’m down to 146lbs, which makes me furiously happy, while simultaneously scared that I’m going to stall at this weight for the final 13 days of the Biggest Loser competition. Just trying to keep in mind that I’m developing habits and it’s not only about the GIANT monetary prize.


This was me on my last day of the assignment I've been doing regularly since July. My client gave me that gorgeous scarf

This was me on my last day of the assignment I’ve been doing regularly since July. My client gave me that gorgeous scarf