November Foodie Pen Pal and there’s nothing like the flu, helping you limit calories!

I woke Wednesday with a bit of the flu. I tossed my cookies twice and spent the morning/afternoon resting. By 5pm I was doing much better and realized that I’m pretty sure it was the massive amount of snot that has been draining down the back of my throat into my stomach. This is apparently common and disgusting! It did significantly limit my calorie intake since solid food terrified me. Feeling MUCH better now.  I did sneak in 15 minutes of yoga that day as my “New Exercise” for the day. It’s still not my fave.

In other news related to the fact that


Yesterday we were asked to wake up 15 minutes early to meditate. Every Thursday I get up and go to book club at 6:30am. Those of you who know me, understand that it’s gotta be good for me to wake up that early! It is something I look forward to every week. This week I needed to go pick up my friend Dianne because she’s been having some eye issues. So I took that 15 minutes to enjoy the moon and the dark and pray a bit before I picked her up. It was really lovely driving through the country that early in the morning!

Today we were to eat as many colors as possible and I’ve done a great job so far, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of food

The Lean Green Bean

I received a box of yummy goodies as well as a thoughtful gift from Cassandra who blogs of here.

In the picture above (That I now realize kind of sucks) is one of the coolest notes I’ve ever received, a copy of the audio version of Bossy Pants by Tina Fey since Cassandra knows that I have a long commute (that book is hilarious and I can’t wait to listen to Tina read it again!) Cherry Almnond Butter (That is so good  I’m going to go slather it on some toast right now. Hang on…..OH DEAR LORD THAT IS DELICIOUS! I’m going to have to contact the company and order a case of it) Sun-dried tomato pesto (I mixed a bit of that with quinoa. Now my favorite way to make quinoa is to add pesto of some sort) Wasabi Wow (a snack mix with Wasabi peas that I never thought I would like, but now love!) and some dipping oil that I’ll be trying out after December 23rd when the Biggest Loser competition is over. I can’t thank you enough, this package is just full of awesome!

Speaking of the Biggest Loser competition, I’m still at the top as of last Sunday with a loss of 4.87%
Here’s hoping the #elf4health challenge will continue to keep me on track!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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