It was just an awesomely caloric day!

Wednesday night we made it until midnight, watching a friend of a friend play an acoustic gig at a local bar. It was fun, but we were quite tired by the end. Poor Cary is still coughing his head off.

We decided we would go to gym to lift at 10am yesterday morning. I did not set an alarm because I knew, there was no possibility of me sleeping straight through 10am. I was right. I woke up at 8am, on the nose. I got up and started prepping to make the gluten free stuffing and by the time 9am rolled around, I realized that if I didn’t go to the gym immediately, I would have made 25 excuses why I couldn’t go. So I woke up a very sleepy Cary and we headed to the gym. We both had a tough workout, but that was the goal. If you want to see my workouts, you can follow me on Fitocracy I’m RinnieEats (surprise!)

I made my gluten free stuffing as well as this stuff called Scalloped Pineapple which is similar to a pineapple bread pudding. It’s yummy and it’s tradition. I entered all the info into livestrong so I knew exactly how many calories were in one portion. It worked out well that these were the only sides other than mashed potatoes, that were safe for me to eat. I was able to keep track, pretty accurately, of what I ate. So here’s the run down

Ham 5oz = 150 calories
Turkey 4oz = 110 calories
Cup of Mashed Potatoes = 237 calories
3 TBLS of gluten free gravy  made by my loving husband = 54 calories
Serving of Pineapple = 541 calories (HOLY CRAP!)
Serving of Stuffing = 245 calories
1 slice jellied cranberry sauce = 110 calories
1 deviled egg = 66 calories
1 can of regular Pepsi (I know, weird right?) = 150 calories (never again!)

Later I had a snack or dinner, whatever you want to call it
Turkey 4oz = 110 calories
1/2 serving pineapple = 270 calories
2 Slices jellied cranberry sauce = 165
approximately 2 Pumpkin roll slices = 510 calories

All of the above couple with my post-workout protein shake brings my grand total from yesterday to

3011 calories

For comparison, I’ll give you my regular daily calorie goals while I’m on a cut coupled with weight training.
Weight lifting day: 1675 (100grams of protein)
Rest day with usually light cardio or jazzercise: 1340 (100 grams of protein)

Here’s the REALLY interesting part about yesterday I was sure with that many calories, essentially double my workout day calories I would get plenty of protein. I only ate 138g of protein yesterday because most of what I ate were empty calories.

I will be honest and say, I think I ate more this year than I have in past Thanksgivings, which is the opposite of what I thought would happen. When I have Thanksgiving in Ohio, we’ve got relish trays out all day before we eat the big meal. So I’m snacking on, veggies and dip, pickles and black olives. I think because all I had was a  protein shake before the meal, I gorged myself.

Which means, all the helpful tweets with #elf4health were right.  I just wish , I had thought about making sure those options were available. It is definitely one of those moments when I thought “OH! That’s what healthy people do!” Which is probably the reason my Aunt Dianne, Uncle Gary and Cousins Andrew and Kyle have never had weight problems! (Except for that one year when Andrew came home his Sophomore year with a huge beer belly but that’s understandable! Now the dude runs marathons)

Major takeaway from yesterday: Henceforth there will be, VEGGIES AND DIP AT EVERY HOLIDAY MEAL!!

Even if Cary and I are the only ones who eat them!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Geoffrey P. Ulam
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 21:07:06

    Three tables of gravy? Holy crap!


  2. Dawn Robinson (@dawnro1101)
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 19:07:28

    I love me some gravy! Sounds like you had a great feast and a good plan for next time. Veggie trays are always a good thing to default to.

    I had to hit the gym first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving or I never would have made it. Excuses are easy on holidays. Glad you made it though. .


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