Fail to plan=plan to fail, that saying is annoyingly true!

I started to write today’s blog and realized I did NONE of the planning I said I would do yesterday. Instead I rearranged my blog and made it easier to find post that I think are funny or interesting. But, my priority should’ve been planning.

Don’t worry, I stopped and did all of that! In fact, for accountability, I think I’m going to start a “tracking page” where I post when I’m working out, what I’m eating, etc. Just haven’t figured out logistics yet.

I’ve decided on Thanksgiving I will

I will probably be more moderate than past Thanksgivings but I won’t be limiting myself too much. I want to enjoy my holiday. I’ll probably even drink a glass or two of wine.

I will, however, be writing down every calorie I ingest. I understand most people think calorie counting is restrictive and ridiculous but it works for me. Not to mention it will be interesting and highly entertaining to see exactly how much I eat on one of my favorite holidays!

I’m realizing today, I strongly dislike plain chicken. Or, almost any chicken I make myself that isn’t covered in some sort of sauce. If Cary makes it, it’s usually delicious. When I bake chicken breasts for our lunches Cary thinks it’s delicious while I can barely choke it down without adding something highly caloric. Anybody have a favorite way to cook chicken that tastes good without killing me on calories??

I just found out that my work schedule will calm down significantly, starting December 10th. This makes me sad because I have really enjoyed working on this particular assignment, but it also makes me happy because my life is borderline unmanageable. I’m trying, but I’ll be honest….I kind of suck at working 60 hours a week and being a wife, daughter and friend.*  I realize I work insane hours. As I’ve told the many people who have written e-mails about how they’re concerned about me becoming a workaholic (I really do love you guys for caring so much) I knew this crazy workload would be temporary. Turns out I was right and I’ll be leaving one heck of a fantastic job sooner than I would like.

Change is good.


*It’s funny because as I type this I’m at another assignment that will last until 10:30pm and I won’t get home til around midnight(my day started at 5am).


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. willpowerthru
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 19:00:44

    I’m on a hiatus from my blog. Until after T-giving. It’s honestly been nice to just live and not blog…but I’m getting that itch again…you know the one…well…not that one…that one is in my belly button…no…the other one…the itch to write and be stupid! YAY!

    That being said…I read this and you were looking for ways to be awesome at chicken without murdering yourself with high fat BS…there are these marinades that are cheap and available at Kroger…a little high in sodium (what isn’t right?) but really low cal and TASTY. I’ll find out what the are and post it for ya.


    • rinnieeats
      Nov 20, 2012 @ 19:12:23

      Ben! I’m so behind on my blog reader that I didn’t even realize you were on a break. I thought awhile ago about how you wanted to blog every day and I thought to myself “You’re kind of busy living right now.” So, enjoy it!
      I’m pretty sure the itch you’re referring to, (not the belly button one, the last one) was created by the meme. You and I just LOVE a good meme!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve gotten text messages from 3 different people in the last 20 minutes about Chicken ideas, but really prefer that we talk about it here. What if someone else is in the same predicament?? EH??? this is what blogging is about people!


  2. jaconlin (@jaconlin)
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 08:50:46

    Inject your chicken to make it juicier and more flavorful throughout. Also, don’t overcook it! I have 99 chicken problems, and overcooking is one. A good meat thermometer is necessary.

    I also concur with Ben’s statements on marinades. You can find low sodium alternatives, and for the GF concerns, it’s really easy to make your own with good spices and a little oil and vinegar. OVernight is the best for moist chicken, but a lot of cooks will tell you it’s too long to marinade. I disagree.


  3. Kat
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 21:41:50

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving- and gluten free goodies!!!!


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