As you can tell, I’ve done a bang up job on my NoBloPoMo challenge. I’ve missed 11 days of postings. But, it’s Monday, and we can always start over on Monday, right?

Remember over the summer, when my friend Rachel and I won that biggest loser competition? On May 20th I weighed in at 158.2lbs and on July 1 I weighed in at 145.8lbs.

My clothes fit better than ever, in fact I had to buy some new stuff. Some of my clothes are still baggy and hanging off me, which is why I was surprised when I stepped on the scale last Sunday and weight 156.2lbs. Weight is weird.(By the way Rachel has not only kept her weight off, but lost even more I believe)

I realized that I would really like to get down to 140 and OH YEAH! There’s a giant muddy race that I signed up for, happening in May. The problem, at this time of year, is accountability. I have none, and as I’ve said before, my couch is oh-so-comfy. I have go to get back into healthy lifestyle mode. So I signed up for another Biggest Loser style competition. In the first week, I lost 6.2lbs, which was apparently water weight (mostly).  This means I’m back at 150. I think dropping 10lbs by December 23rd is totally feasible.

However, I don’t want to slide right back to where I was after the summer competition. So, I also signed on for the Elf for Health Challenge which will help me get through the New Year and stay on track.

Plus, it looks like a whole lot of fun!
You should sign up for it too…Jim.

I’m going to try and finish strong in November. I’m realizing, like anything in life, blogging takes a certain amount of planning. My goal today is to plan our meals for the week after Thanksgiving as well as my posts for the rest of the week and my workouts.

Thanks for reading this incredibly boring, yet informational post!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kristenb
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 08:07:04

    Woot! You can do it!!!


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