Back to writing about dogs, cats and the things with which I stuff my face!

Wednesday I complained on FB about people complaining (totally rational right?) about the early Christmas decorations because I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! We’re talking twinkle lights, wreaths and Santa, not Nativity Creches. This lead to comments about consumerism and Christian privilege, which lead to me writing a controversial post responding to an article my friend had posted on her FB wall. I’m still partially convinced the posting was bait. I didn’t take the bait when it was originally posted but when I am asked for my opinion, I can’t shut my mouth.

It escalated quickly and led to a discussion on Facebook about marginalization and the fact that Christians run this country therefore gay marriage will never happen*.  In fact the author received an e-mail about my post (not sure if a person emailed him, or he was emailed because I linked to his post) and responded in the comments section of my blog. Typically I would be thrilled that someone came over and commented on my comments about their comments, but by yesterday morning I was TOTALLY DONE WITH THE WHOLE TOPIC TO THE POINT THAT I WANTED TO PUNCH SOMETHING!

Could this post HAVE anymore run-on sentences exclamation marks and CAPITALIZATION??!!!??!

At first I felt, it was just exhausting, pointless and accomplished nothing. It made me decide to go on a FB hiatus, which I think we all need from time to time. I did however have a Christian friend tell me that they never realized how privileged we are, and for that realization I am grateful. I still don’t feel it was worth it. My husband likes to say “For the 20 year old Rinnie, every hill was the one to die on.” Fortunately, that is no longer who I am. I don’t usually get into these discussions, even when I think they are important, because I take things way too personally. 20 year old Rinnie had herself convinced that it didn’t matter what people thought of her and all their criticisms rolled like water off a duck’s back. 28 year old Rinnie realizes that girl was full of shit.

In the middle of the day, yesterday, I was feeling particularly downtrodden asking myself “Who are you? Why do you do this to yourself when you KNOW it won’t end well for you?” and then I received this text message:

“I just want you to know. Your break from Facebook has left me marginalized and feeling like, well, underprivileged and forced to eat consumerism for 2 months out of the year. So I think I’ll sit in my dark bedroom, surrounded by the pretty twinkle lights and wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive and sing Labor Day carols until you return.”

That coupled with several private messages and some public comments on my “hiatus status” asking me not to leave, made my cup runneth over.  I might be sticking my head in the sand and enjoying my blissful privilege (and deleting some unhealthy relationships from FB) but I’m surprisingly OK with that. Those people who aren’t OK with that, don’t really need to be my friends anyway.

I’ll change the world one personal relationship at a time and when they don’t work out the way I think they should, I’ll chalk it up to the fact that we just weren’t meant to be.

*I’m being tongue in cheek here, don’t get your panties in a bunch, if I don’t make jokes about this, I’ll go insane



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 11:08:32

    More cats!! More dogs!!


  2. jaconlin (@jaconlin)
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 14:19:29

    Well, welcome to the hiatus club, you’ll like it here.


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