Thankful Thursday and oops!

So I wrote a post yesterday and didn’t publish it because I’m so good at forgetting things! Here it is.

After all the political talk it’s nice to have a cat picture return to the internet. I really wish I could tell you that Cary, really has been HEALED BY THE POWER OF JEEEEZUSSS but he’s still pretty icky.  My last post apparently scared quite a few people. I want to clarify that he’s not dying, he doesn’t have cancer, he will recover from this, it’s just taking extra time.

He now not only has the super painful Shingles, he also has Bronchitis.

Congratulations to the 5 of you who understand this reference!

He tried to go back to work, and found out that was a terrible idea. He’s supposedly going back for a bit today, but every time he tries to talk he coughs. So…there’s that….

In other news I still can’t get my butt off the couch! Yesterday I had some time off and I was feeling headachey and nauseous so I’ll give myself that excuse but it’s still frustrating. I’m looking for an accountability partner who doesn’t have to work out with me. I’m thinking that on Sunday we’ll discuss when I plan to work out and then just check in to see if I did it. Anyone interested? e-mail me

Also, I just remembered Tuesday’s sad attempt at limiting my caffeine intake. I typically have one 16oz cup of coffee per day. I want to start limiting myself to that amount of caffeine daily. This means, no diet coke (trying to limit aspartame too) or other caffeinated soft drinks throughout the day. I’m drinking decaf tea in the afternoon and small amounts of root beer, juice or cider.

On Tuesday I started with my usual cup of coffee in the morning and by 1pm I hit a brick wall of fatigue so great that I immediately gave up and had not only a cup of coffee, but mixed in an entire package of hot chocolate. Isn’t it funny how things like this happen when you put an embargo on something? Either way, I will power through.

I’m also becoming…




A teetotaler. Yes, right before the holidays. Awesome right?

Again, as soon as I decided to give it up, Angry Orchard hard cider was on sale at the grocery store. I don’t drink much anymore, but now that I’m telling myself I can’t, everything sounds so good! It’s not forever, probably a year. I have my reasons, go ahead and speculate.



For today’s post, I’m going to piggy back on the 30 days of gratitude happening on FB and Twitter. I can’t remember to do it everyday on Social Media, so I’ll just compile it every Thursday through November.

I’m thankful for:

1) My support system. I have a great group of friends. As soon as I posted that Cary was sick, we were flooded with well wishes and offers of “Let us know how we can help.” Even though I have a hard time accepting help, or telling them how they can help, I’m thankful just for the offer.

2) My animals. (Click there to see them. I updated my “About” page) Being without them for the weekend was both freeing and difficult. We didn’t have the responsibility, but we also didn’t have the love and attention they regularly give us. Our home might be hectic and full of hair, but it’s a happy place.

3) New friends in my life. Over the last year, I’ve spent more time with acquaintances who have become my friends. I’m truly thankful for that, because I think I had forgotten what it was like to have girlfriends. It’s kind of awesome.

4) My physical health. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I don’t get sick nearly as often as I used to (period related illness excluded). I’m convinced it’s because I’ve changed my lifestyle.

5) For Janet Nevills. She helped me launch my healthier lifestyle and continues to be an inspiration in how she eats, exercises and cares about people. I just love ya J!

6) NIPSCO friends who volunteered to go help out east and get people’s power turned back on after the damage caused by Sandy. They’re currently in New Jersey where it’s SNOWING! These guys were willing to leave their wives and babies to help lighten the load of the workers out there.  *

7)  The ability to control my own schedule, even if I do a crappy job of it. I do have the ability to work when I want and take time off when I don’t.

8) My niece Tylo who is getting married soon and has made an effort to have a relationship with me. This makes me tremendously happy!





*My plea: Please stop complaining about NIPSCO when your power goes out. Believe me when I say, they want it back on as badly as you do. As the daughter of a hardworking former NIPSCO employee, I can’t tell you how many times he missed part of a Christmas celebration, a birthday party, a dance recital, because he was out trying to make sure people got their power back on. These people sacrifice time with their families (nights and weekends) to serve the community.


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  1. Geoffrey P. Ulam
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 22:59:49

    I am the grandson of a NIPSCO employee, the son of a police officer and also the son of a nurse. I should be one of the most understanding people on the face of the planet about things that can’t be helped but the power going out has always infuriated me. I’m horrible.


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