I’m officially old

Thanks to our friends Kristen and Jonny, Cary and I are now addicted to and old person drink. This is a Whiskey Old Fashioned (yes it’s past tense) It’s the perfect end of the night drink. It’s also rarely ordered by people our age. Last night we were out to dinner and Cary ordered one.  Immediately the bartender said “You’re too young to be ordering that.” and it was the best one we’ve ever tasted!

It’s even better because I think Whiskey is a cough suppressant. Poor Cary is fighting a cough on top of his Shingles. As we were leaving my cousin’s wedding reception I mentioned that he and I didn’t take a picture together. He responded with “This is a weekend I want to pretend never happened.” Believe me, he’s very happy for my cousin, we had the best wedding food ever, but he’s still quite miserable. So we’re going to drink our Old Fashioned, and go to bed in our separate double beds.

Just like an old couple from the 1960s.

P.S. we really are sleeping in separate beds at this hotel. We got the room so cheap that we didn’t get to pick our bed size choice. At first I was really bummed but we have both slept amazingly well.


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