Halloween Lessons and Foodie Pen Pal Recap

Over the weekend, I learned that I do have mild social anxiety. But I’m pretty sure it’s seasonal.

Our friend Ben had an AWESOME (I’m assuming) Halloween party on Saturday that we were invited to. I planned costumes and got everything ready to go. Then Saturday afternoon I came to the realization that we would know exactly 3 people at this party. The host, one of the members of the band, and his wife. Cary is an introvert who chooses when to come out of his shell and it’s rarely among strangers. I’m an extrovert, but around this time of year it’s hard work being social.

Instead, I text messaged my brother and sister-in-law (who is the QUEEN of Halloween costumes) and decided to join them at a costume contest in Hammond. At least we were told it would be Hammond. Turned out it was Merrionette, IL. Essentially an hour and a half from home. We went to this really incredible club called 115 Bourbon Street (I highly recommend it) looking like this:

Frankenstein’s Monster (Cary) Igor (Barb’s sister Jen) Bride of Frankenstein (Barb’s sister Wanda) and Dr. Frankenstein (ME)

I realized some very important things at this costume contest.
A) We clearly should have won. We all stayed in character quite a bit. ESPECIALLY Cary. As we were leaving, many strangers told us the same thing.
B) Costume contests at bars are, by FAR, the best and most varied.
C) Knowing your audience will help you win every time! First place was Mario Kart, Second Place Green Army Men (they used latex paint, it was incredible!) Third place Al and Peg Bundy, and Fourth place my brother

As a Red Solo Cup

D) You have to have an awful lot of self confidence to dress like this:

Me and my monster at the beginning of the night

instead of this

There wasn’t a sexy Dr. Frankenstein in google images but you get the point!

I’m really glad we went, because Cary actually said it made him want to go every year. Even though, he can’t stand night clubs and at the end he felt like this

Drinking the cocktails my brother bought us from his winnings!

And as usual I have many plans for next Halloween that I should really write down so I remember.

The Lean Green Bean

I also got my foodie box from Adrienne

Not pictured because I ate it almost immediately an Apple Turnover Uber Larabar. My new favorite!

I love blue corn chips and I rarely get to eat them. I can’t figure out why I prefer them to other tortilla chips but I do. This Sweet and Spicy Good Earth tea was sent to me by my last FPP but Adrienne caffeine free version. Which is wonderful because it’s a lovely dessert type tea and if I drink it in the evening. I don’t have to worry about being up all night. In New Mexico, chilies are in season so she sent me some salsa that I’ll be using in some enchiladas sometimes soon. I’m a wimp when it comes to spice. I love the flavor but the heat sometimes gets to me, so I can’t just eat it on chips. She also sent me two kinds of Larabars (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the aforementioned Apple Turnover) and a Reece’s Pumpkin. I need to keep Larabars around more often. They are a life saver when I get caught between jobs with no food. Reece’s Pumpkins used to be my favorite until I made homemade buckeyes for my foodie pen pal and now I’m addicted to those.  Thanks Adrienne, you nailed this package!!


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  1. adrihappyramblings
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 21:18:52

    Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! I had fun putting it all together!


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    Mar 19, 2015 @ 16:54:00

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