Ben Konowitz, larger than life

So my friend Ben Konowitz at has been raising TONS of money for two little girls who were in a horrible car accident this summer. They’re both going to have piles of medical bills!  He offered to do ANYTHING you want, ANYTHING for a donation of $20 that goes directly to the family. You can see videos of things other people have challenged him to do on his website. They’re definitely worth a look!

The owner of Ladies Fitness Zone in LaPorte challenged Ben to come and Jazzercise with us on Saturday morning, in leg warmers and tights for a donation of $50.  He accepted the challenge.

This is the before picture of Ben and Janet (our AMAZING Jazzercise instructor)

As you can see he did not have leg warmers and tights. He couldn’t get to them in time because of some road closures Saturday and they probably wouldn’t have fit because his legs are like tree trunks.

Before we began he needed to choose which weights he would like to use. They range from 1-10lb weights.

He chose the pink one pounders. A smart choice!

He did pretty well during the warm-up, although I looked back after and he said “That was the WARM-UP?”

The following is a video of the song after the warm up:

About 20 minutes in I turned around and noticed he was dripping with sweat.

After that song was finished our class manager got concerned about him.

Janet then told us to grab our weights, to which Ben cried out “WEIGHTS?!?!” He must have forgotten the little pink weights we picked out. Janet warns everyone that they might want to use a weight one or two pounds lighter than usual because this routine is pretty difficult.

Those are ten pound weights.

That’s some pretty fantastic form. So good in fact that one of our other instructors, Jan, told me she thought he should go on the stage. So I led him to the front with his fancy 10lb weights. After two moves by Janet, Ben realized he was out of his league

He went running for the pink one pounders.

He made it through the entire hour. He did a fantastic job, even if this is what he looked like after:

Notice that Janet looks just as gorgeous at the end of the hour, as she did at the beginning!

I’m thinking his eyes are closed because he’s basking in the glory of having these amazing women all around him.

There’s a sign outside of Ladies Fitness Zone that says “You will never, EVER, regret a workout.” That is truth. When Ben came in, a woman on the elevator asked, “How are you today?” He responded with “Regretting every decision I’ve ever made.” I don’t think he felt that way when he was done! He has raised So much money with all these crazy challenges. We’re all super proud of him.

I titled this blog “Ben Konowitz, larger than life” because he really is. His zeal for life is contagious!

And he’s single.

I’m constantly hearing about how there are “No good guys left!”  BULL! If you want a date with a truly genuine guy (who doesn’t necessarily give himself enough credit) talk to me, maybe I can hook you up. *His hair doesn’t look like that all the time, he’s growing it out for Locks of Love.*

Thanks Ben for helping us start our Saturday morning with a laugh and for your unyielding commitment to these little girls!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. willpowerthru
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 22:44:43

    This is so well written. You captured the session perfectly! I was happy to do it and a big thank you to the ladies for letting me crash the workout session! Thank you thank you thank you!


  2. mommyest09
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 08:09:38

    Thank you for this play by play! I will have a much better day having started with this.


  3. janet nevills
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 14:20:23

    I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. Thanks Ben!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously had to try NOT to look at him during the class! It wasn’t even so much his movements as it was his outfit. Oooooh it WAS a fun class!


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