This challenge stuff ain’t no joke!

I realize, 7 days into this challenge that for me, blogging every day is impossible. To those of my friends that do it, even if it is at like midnight, I’m impressed. By the end of the day, after keeping track of everything and making sure I’ve followed through, I’m SO tired! I’m not witty, I’m not funny, I’m not inspired, I’m just exhausted!!

However, I’ll try and post the highlights every few days. You know, the fun parts. Like this pic I sent to my super sick pregnant friend:

She’s sick from like morning sickness, not because she’s a twisted individual. Although, she did enjoy this photo, so I guess that says something about her…

The intermittent fasting is going well. I’ve done a great job sticking to my calories, even at my mother in law’s 60th birthday party!

There have been some surprising things though. I think I’ve mentioned my love for raw milk. Unfortunately I’ve switched to skim because it fits my Macros much better. Here’s something else I’ve learned about proportions:

The amount of milk I should drink 8oz

The amount of milk I would rather drink! That’s a big freaking difference!

I had my first friend date last night. It was wonderful. I realized that since August started in the middle of the week last week I would have to double up this week. So I have another one on Friday. This might be a habit I try to maintain forever. Meeting with a friend once a week is just good for your soul.

I’m realizing that I might not want to print my daily pictures. Sometimes they fit perfectly for this blog but why would I want to keep them? Or where would I put them? Like this one:

See it’s appropriate because some days the only thing getting me through this challenge is willpower.

But if I print it and put it in an album, one day my (currently unconceived) child, will ask my while thumbing through old photos “Mom, why do you have this picture? Don’t you know there’s 50 gazillion of these motivational sayings on the interwebs? Why would you want an actual picture of it?” and then I’ll smack them in the mouth for getting smart and calling the internet the interwebs. HAHA! Just kidding…sort of.  This next one, however, could be valuable information for my future children:

This is a cat pee bush

We discovered these on our vacation in Canada. We were dining al fresco and we kept smelling cat urine. We then found that the source was this particular kind of bush. No, a cat hadn’t peed on the bush, that’s just what these bushes smell like. It turns out they also grow in La Porte! See…valuable information!

Regardless, the point of taking pictures and printing them is that I have SO MANY pictures on my phone and on other cameras that never get printed. These memories are easy to lose because of this. All it takes is one accidental toilet bath for my iPhone and POOF! I’ll continue to take a picture every day, but I’m only going to print the good ones.

Not eating at restaurants has been relatively easy. Tonight, I’m going to go buy wings with “my own” money. That’s right! I’m EATING WINGS! I budgeted them in my calories!

Working out 6 days a week has been accomplished. The only problem is, I’m a moron.
And by that I mean I decided not to work out yesterday and that it would be my “one day off” for the week. The dumb part is, WHO TAKES A MONDAY OFF? I now have no other option but to work out every day this week. This is where the willpower will definitely come into play.

I have no idea how to end this post.

But this is pretty much the only reason I run:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kat
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 22:19:14

    I just want to say cat pee bushes are the worst!!! And I totally call them that too! Ha!


  2. willpowerthru
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 12:29:28

    I love this post. Thanks for sharing!


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