From a Christian who loves people

I lay in bed last night with a heavy heart. I asked Cary: “What if you had married a more traditional Bethel type girl?” puzzled he asked what I meant.
I responded “You know, a submissive, Suzie homemaker type girl. How would your life be different?”
He answered with “I think my life would be boring. I like that you’re motivated.”

If I’m honest with myself, I was asking him, “What if you had married someone who kept her mouth shut, was less opinionated, and stuck with the status quo Christian beliefs of Fundamentalists. Would your life be easier? Would mine?”

It’s pointless to ask these questions. I am, who I am. My husband loves me for it. That’s all that matters right?
I wish that were true. I walk a fine line between my “Christian” friends being irritated with me and my “Liberal” friends being irritated with  me. I’m so concerned about offending someone (a trait I gained in my late 20’s, not a trait I cared to have before then), anyone, that as soon as I write something I instantly second guess it.

Yesterday I posted on FB: “This is America. You have the right to be a bigot. You also have the right to support or not support bigots. Choice is what makes this country great.” A bunch of people liked it and it started an interesting conversation with a friend of mine that I’ve had many-a-heated dialogue.

I woke up today with a friend who had posted: “…pretty sick of hearing about how this is America and people can believe whatever they want and that’s the great thing about living here….” there’s more to it than that, but that is the part that struck me in the gut.  I’ve been talking about how evil Chic-fil-a is for years. I had a friend who got all excited with the idea of opening one and I was the only one who said “No, they’re a homophobic operation that boarders on evil.”  yesterday instead of taking that stance, I took a stupid patriotic stance.

The problem is, Dan Cathy’s statement was the tip of the ice berg. This is not about gay marriage (as my friend’s status clearly pointed out) this is about…life.

I’m pro people, I’m pro love, I’m anti-hate.

Chic-fil-a  participates in hate.  I’m not saying his statement about marriage was hate. (you can make that decision on your own.)
The following link explains a bit more about how they participate in hate.

Please read this link. As soon as you click on it, some of you will be annoyed with the title, I beg of you to get past that and read the post. Especially you pro-lifers. Being pro-life should not just be an abortion issue, it should be about VALUING LIFE! Anybody’s life.


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  1. Melissa Pearce
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 11:27:31

    Thank you!!


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