Has it really been a month?

It has…it really has.

July flew by! This means it’s time for the Foodie Pen Pal reveal!

The Lean Green Bean
If you click that button it will give you more information on how you can participate!
This package was sent by the lovely Melaina from It Really Works!
I actually squealed when I opened the box.
She sent:
~a few cups of these delicious, highly addicting banana chips from her local health food store. My husband and I ate those far too quickly. I went to the store and bought some more that weren’t nearly as good. (I still ate them ALL because even if they weren’t as good, they were still addicting.)
~a pack of Dark Chocolate Sun Cups. I was skeptical since I LOVE peanut butter cups. However, the Sun Butter was surprisingly yummy.
~a box of her favorite gluten free pasta made from a quinoa and corn blend. I typically use corn based pasta because it holds up and has a similar consistency to regular pasta.
~a jar of heirloom tomatoes with basil from MMLocal. I’m thinking this is what made me squeal. I love all things tomato and I tend to forget how much better they are in season.
The night this package arrived, I made dinner for Cary and I using the pasta and tomatoes. Melaina suggested I just toss those tomatoes with the pasta, which is a perfectly good suggestion. My husband, however, is an unapologetic carnivore. If there’s no meat, he won’t eat. (He’ll eat, but he’ll whine a lot and then find whatever meat he can in the fridge.)
So I threw the tomatoes in with some spicy chicken sausage and some mushrooms so that all the flavors got along.
Then I tossed it with some pasta and topped with some shaved Parmesan.
And then, because I LOVE cheese, I topped it with some shredded cheese of some kind. I can’t remember, but it was stinky and wonderful!
Thanks Melaina for an awesome dinner and a fantastic box of goodies!
Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about  my August challenge. I have two friends (Ben and Ryan)starting different projects and they have inspired me to do the same. I’ll explain more about that tomorrow, because right now I can’t stop drooling over that pasta…

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