Why I’m “girl dating”… kind of a funny title after my last blog

I recently finished a book entitled MWF seeking BFF. It was really a random selection. I went to see my favorite blogger The Bloggess at her book signing and Rachel happened to be on the same panel. She read a portion of her book and it sounded both interesting and funny!

I’m not a book reviewer, I would be terrible at that I think.
I will however tell you what I gleaned from reading it.

I’m lonely.

Well, maybe not lonely, but there’s a missing piece.

My husband and dogs do a fantastic job of keeping me busy. Most of my time is devoted to work due to our mountain of debt. I like to say that I’ll work like the devil now to get that paid down so I can spend time with our children when we have them. Unfortunately, true to the saying, all work and no play makes Rinnie a dull girl, a boring girl, a sad girl. I just didn’t realize it.

At least it’s not this bad!

Rachel made girl dating sound SO appealing that I started making a mental list of people I needed to contact to make plans. I have my trusty regular friends that I try to get together with once every few weeks (actually I pretty much have one person in my life like that right now and that’s Trista and she’s fabulous!) but there are people I have a pretty steady relationship with on Facebook that I haven’t seen in years and they live an hour (give or take) away.

We like to tell ourselves we’re too busy. Honestly, we’re just lazy (at least I am). Time goes by so quickly. Can you believe it’s the middle of July??

I’ve decided I’m done with letting time pass me by. There are people I love and care about that I’m ignoring and that just doesn’t sit right with me. If you really think about it for a moment, this might be true about your life as well.  This book made me realize I have SO MANY FRIENDS I just don’t make visiting them a priority.

My FAVORITE part about girl dating is getting to try new (to me) restaurants!

My friend Robin sent me a text a few weeks ago saying “We’re in Chicago, what’s the name of that burger place you went to?” I had just gone to Epic Burger the week before which was ok, but not entirely epic for me since I had to have the burger without a bun. I gave her the name and later found out she actually meant a place I went to back even before I started this blog. So at that point I decided that I really need to start a list of places Rinnie recommends for those of us who like gluten free food that doesn’t taste like cardboard.

However, I will not bash restaurants that I think did a lousy job of accommodating me or had lousy service. There was a time, that I would’ve loved to do that. I’m realizing more and more that my idea of a great restaurant is NOT the same as everyone else. So I’ll be recommending things I love but I won’t be saying a word about the places I don’t necessarily like.

Which is why I won’t mention where I went for my first girl date with the lovely Kristen of (pico de gallo fame). I will however say that if you have a friend in your life that you can text message and say “I’ve got a great idea for The Bloggess’ book signing!  We’ll wear cat headbands.” and her response is ” YES! I LOVE IT!” That’s someone you need to hold on to and make time for.

These kinds of friends are like GOLD!


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