Fireworks in the freezer

On Sunday I had the final weigh in for the Summer Slim Down challenge I was involved in. My partner Rachel and I WON losing 7.01% of our weight. We each won $108, but more importantly, we feel and look FABULOUS! Since losing 13 pounds some weird things have been happening.  The part most people find so astonishing is that I barely did any cardio during this competition. Instead I started Powerlifting. Three days a week I did squat, deadlift, over-head press, bench press and pull-ups.* I know there’s this belief that lifting heavy weight will make you bulky. That’s simply not true, but I won’t continue on a rant. Instead, randomness

Monday night I finished dinner and said to Cary “I want something but don’t know what it is.” He knew what I wanted and suggested our local ice cream shoppe Tasty Cream (or whatever derivative it is now, it’s been bought out a few times).

“OOOOH! A Banana Royal (Hot fudge Sunday with bananas) He starts heading that direction, but after thinking for a moment I told him that I didn’t want ice cream after all.  Instead I came home and ate some of the BIGGEST Ranier cherries I’ve ever had and they were GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I love the fact that I made a “good” decision in regards to dessert and I was completely satisfied instead of eating those cherries thinking “This is NOT a Banana Royal!”

Giant cherries that don’t look as big in a picture


So there I am enjoying my cherries and FB when I hear what sounds like Fireworks in my freezer. I mean LITERAL fireworks in my freezer.  Immediately I knew what it was.

A few hours prior to this I was sitting in a waiting room, waiting for my client to arrive when I remembered I had left a diet Pepsi in the freezer. I have done this countless times almost always with disastrous results. I knew I wouldn’t be home for hours and that it had probably exploded already so I put the thought out of my mind so as not to dwell on it.

I was wrong.

It hadn’t exploded.


It was in there approximately 8 hours before it finally popped.

Clean up was much easier than it has been in the past!




It’s hard to see but it’s the top right can full of frozen diet Pepsi. I know I’m not the only one who has done this. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I never remember to set a timer!

Probably because God likes giving me reasons to laugh at myself. And for that, I am grateful!









* Currently I can squat 160, Deadlift 160, overhead press 60, bench 85 and do pull-ups with only 40lbs of assistance. This officially makes me a BALLER!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kat
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 20:40:19

    I am on a journey to a new healthier me…I was sitting here thinking and remembered your blog and how inspirational it is! So…I plan to follow a lot more closely!!! 🙂


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