Pico, Pico de Gallo (sung to the tune of Copacabana)

I have a dear friend named Kristen who was posting regularly on her Facebook page that she was making Pico de Gallo and guacamole (like twice a week).  So finally I asked her for her recipe. It’s more of a cut-up-a-bunch-of-stuff-and-throw-it-in-a-bowl recipe. I believe these are the best kinds of recipes because they can be adjusted to your personal tastes.

The Pico recipe! (In Kristen’s own words)

4 Roma tomatoes (also known as plum tomatoes) seeds cleaned out and chopped

Half a red onion chopped/diced, I don’t know the difference

1 jalapeño seeded and diced

Some cilantro (1/3 of a bundle? I know that’s not really a good measurement) chopped

Juice from half a lemon and from half a lime.

Mix, stir, enjoy.

For the guac, I use 3 or 4 avocados, the other half of the lime (juiced), 2 cloves garlic and then a few scoops of the pico (maybe 4). All stirred together and delicious.
*Rinnie note: I made the guac and it was TERRIFIC!!*

Quick note about fresh parsley and cilantro. I used to have this problem where I would buy it to use later in the week and the next day it would be dead, droopy, wilted and gross! So I had Cary google how to store these fresh herbs and VOILA! —————————————–>

Stick them in a small Ball jar and cover with a zip lock bag. They stay fresh FOR.EV.ER!


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