This is probably the hardest post I’ve ever had to write…

It’s not emotional or deep.

I just REALLY want carnitas and I can’t make them until Sunday when we finish win our Biggest Loser competition. I promised a food post 2 days ago and never delivered.

I feel compelled to write this since the pork in my fridge keeps staring at me whispering “put me in a dutch oven”.

I’ve never ordered carnitas in a restaurant. I am an avid supporter of pork but whenever I go out to eat and it’s an option, everything else seems far more appealing. Since starting this competition I’ve changed the way I eat. I now follow guidelines called macros. Basically I can eat whatever I want as long as it fits this magical formula. Cary plugged in a bunch of numbers on this website and said “Here, eat within these parameters. It works!” So I did, and sure enough, I’m currently about 10lbs lighter.
I’ve started tracking my protein and calories using Livestrong and they have recipes on there as well that provides all the nutrition information which makes life much easier! So while on my hunt for something different, I came upon this recipe. I realize, I’m being lazy by not writing a funny walk through. I was in a fender bender in Chicago today and am currently on Vicodin (I’m fine, just in pain like…all over my body). So have pity on me, MAKE THIS RECIPE, call your mother and invite her over for some, you’ll thank me later!

While I followed the recipe exactly (except for reducing the liquid at the end. It took longer than 8-12 minutes, just keep an eye on it, you want it thick!) I would like to make a quick note about assembling them into tacos:

I use corn tortillas because they’re gluten free.

I made pico de gallo (which I just realized requires it’s own post so I will do that once I’m done with the Vicodin)

While it looks like I put avocado chunks and cilantro on the taco, I really didn’t eat it that way. I actually smooshed (yes that’s a technical term) the avocado onto the tortilla and spread it around so that there was avocado in EVERY bite. That big leaf of cilantro was just to make it pretty!

I did not use sour cream because it did NOT need it! But to each their own.

See you Sunday carnitas! You will be mine…oh yes…you will be mine!

P.S. In defense of the carnitas, the calorie and fat content are really not that bad. However, I would want to eat three tacos with one whole avocado….that is the problem


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