That’s right! It’s a food post!

I make a gluten free poke cake that is, as my husband would say, “The business!” If you’ve never made a poke cake, it’s one of the easiest things to make ever! Ready?? Here we go!

Get a white cake box mix.

Follow the directions but bake it in a 9×13 pan/casserole dish.

After it’s cool go to town with a chopstick or a straw and poke a BUNCH of holes in it like this:

That’s a lot of holes!

Now find some Jell-o gelatin. Whatever you have in your cupboard is fine. I prefer raspberry(anything red or pink is prettiest) but I think I’ll try lemon at some point this summer because Cary LOVES lemon.

Mix the gelatin and 1 cup of boiling water until it’s dissolved. (about 2 mins)

Then add 1/2 cup cold water to cool it down a bit.

Now pour that Jell-o goodness all over the cake!

This is really difficult isn’t it? Baking is hard, you should probably just stop and buy one of those crappy artificial tasting things from the Walmart bakery.

If you’re still here and not buying some gross store bought cake, then your delicious home made version should look something like this after you’ve poured on all the Jell-o.

Refrigerate that bad boy for at least 2 hours, I prefer to make it the day before I’m planning to serve it.

Traditionally, poke cake is topped with Cool Whip. I think that stuff is gross. I loved it as a kid, but now I know what’s in it and I’m just not down with that. In fact, if you want an interesting article on how Cool Whip is essentially lube, click here.

So you’re probably wondering, “Rinnie if you don’t top your poke cake with lube…what DO you top it with?”

4oz unsalted butter
4oz cream cheese
1.5 cups powdered sugar (most recipes call for 2 cups but I prefer the cream cheese taste to be a bit more prevalent)
smidge of vanilla (ok 1tsp if you need a measurement)

Whip it all together with an electric mixer.

Frost the cake and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. It will be moist and delicious and everyone will want the recipe.

WAIT we’re not done! Lick the mixers, lick the bowl, polish off every last bit of that cream cheese frosting and if you get full or it gets too sweet, throw it in the fridge but for the love of ALL that is Holy and sacred DO NOT waste one bit of it!

In case you were wondering, THIS is what The Business looks like!


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  1. diannec1945
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 18:05:13

    Can’t wait to get home to my kitchen! (at first this was in all caps…. not sure that wouldn’t have been appropriate!


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