Thankful Thursday

So the whole not complaining on Facebook is going well.  Remembering to write what I”m thankful for, hasn’t been as easy. So I think I’ll just post my gratitudes here. *Did you all know that “gratitudes” isn’t a word? seriously, spell check is all angry and red underlining it each time I type gratitudes. Gratitudes gratitudes gratitudes. Seriously spell check, how else would you pluralize more than one gratitude?*

I’m thankful for gluten free cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a big ‘ol glass of milk! This one was from a bakery in Indy called The Flying Cupcake. It was an adorable bakery with a beautiful assortment of gluten-full cupcakes as well chocolate and vanilla gluten free cupcakes and gfree chocolate chip cookies. Are my recipes better? I think so, but it was nice to have a treat that I didn’t have to slave over!

I’m thankful that I’ll be going back to work next week. It will be slow going for awhile, but I love my job and have missed it tremendously. As great as being a housewife is…I’m ready to go back to being a fiscally contributing member of my family!

I’m thankful that this is what happens around 6:30-7pm every day. The sun comes beaming through the bow window making it IMPOSSIBLE to sit on the couch and do nothing. It’s blinding. It’s God’s way of saying “Cary will be home in like an hour and you don’t want him to think you sat on the couch and watched Ghost Hunters International all day!”

The original caption for this pic was “I’ve got 99 problems and a flabby booty ain’t one”

I’m thankful for finding a new love: picking up heavy stuff! That’s what Cary calls lifting weights. Three days a week we do a combination of “old school” weight lifting exercises: Deadlift, Squat, Over head Press, Bench Press and Pull-Ups. I’m ecstatic about my progress.  I am noting a STRIKING difference in my body.

<——–This is not a pic of me! You can tell by the dark hair, I mean I totally look like that, really the only difference is the hair….what…seriously….

This is my niece Abby Jo and my nephew Jonah James.

I am so thankful to be a part of their lives!

Abby LOVES her Uncle Cary so much that she not only lets him draw a mustache on her finger, she also uses it appropriately.

I’m thankful for some incredible friends who have walked with me through this season of life. It has been difficult and I’ve had so many growing pains. You have helped me feel loved when I felt I was unlovable. Thank you.


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