For the love of Brie!

I was pulling the content from my old blog and reading through some entries. I thought this one was pretty funny and it’s actually about food. yeah have you noticed I’m not writing much about food? I’ve got issues. Anyway, this is from September 15th 2010. Enjoy!

My husband thinks it’s hilarious how much I love Brie cheese.

Have you ever tasted Brie?  Have you ever tasted Brie with JAM???? It’s flippin’ delicious but I’m getting ahead of myself.

When we went on our honeymoon the breakfast buffet had all kinds of cheeses including my beloved Brie.  So every morning I would grab 5 crusty pieces of bread and 5 pieces of brie then make myself a brie sandwich. (This was obviously when I still had metabolism and could enjoy that lovely bread that was full of gluten) I would ooh and ahh and proclaim my love for this amazing delight!

Well, I did that for the first 3 days…..

Then I found out cheese is binding….I couldn’t poop….I was constipated on our HONEYMOON!

You know the sad part? I didn’t care!  I still wanted my doggone Brie every morning!  I actually think our first “fight” as a married couple was over the Brie:

*I pile my plate with Brie sandwich fixins*

Cary: Really?!?

Me: What?

Cary: You were sick all yesterday cuz you couldn’t poop and you’re still gonna eat that?

Me: But it’s YUMMY!

Cary:  So yummy that you want to be cramped up all day?

Me: I’ll just drink more booze to even it out.

Cary: NO!

Me: But booze is yummy!

Cary: *rolls his eyes and laughs*

I decided to stick with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee(SO HEAVENLY), chocolate filled croissant (DAMN YOU GLUTEN!I can’t eat these anymore) and fruit for the rest of the trip.

Flash forward to my birthday 2008.  We decided to go to the most romantic restaurant in Chicago and stay at the Hyatt downtown.  The restaurant kinda sucked but we got a really sweet deal that included a breakfast buffet at the hotel in the morning.  This buffet is normally like $25/person so this was a huge score.

We got down to breakfast and I’m looking at the different selections.  Your standard fare: Pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, and NO EGGS BENEDICT.

Me: Where the heck is the eggs benedict?

Cary: I don’t know but there is a giant wheel of brie over there next to that fresh baked bread!

My eyes got huge and I ran over to make myself a Brie and strawberry jam sandwich.  It sounds crazy….crazy DELICIOUS! He didn’t even say a word about my delectable sandwich that was now valued at approximately $25.

Made me want to marry him all over again!


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