Same dif….

I had a rough Monday.

I hurt someone even though that was not my intention.

I don’t see reconciliation as a possibility for awhile, but I know it might be possible eventually and that gives me hope. So, person that I hurt, I hope you know that was never my intent and I’m sorry.

And while I’m at it, if there are other people reading this out there that I have inadvertently hurt or wronged, I apologize. It really is no longer in my nature to be hurtful. I really am sorry.

Deep breath! I feel better (although I’m sure I just asked for a host of comments I’d rather not read) so to keep things light, here’s your funny for the day! Enjoy!


Actual conversation between me and Cary.

Me: We’ re out of printer paper.

Cary: So go buy some.

Me: Dad always made sure we had plenty of printer paper.

Cary: and?

Me: He was WAY better at providing for his family than you are. (Sarcasm)

Cary: I think you mean he was WAY better at stealing from work than I am.

Me: Potato, Potahto…..


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