Why you no…


So I got all set to write this blog about the amazing food I made yesterday.
Quinoa “mac and cheese” with shrimp and strawberry rhubarb crumble.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures of the stuff I made, and on top of that I got on Facebook…..

Oh Facebook…
You have this amazing ability to make me supremely happy as well as inexplicably angry. For the last two days 90% of the people on my feed are bitching about something.  100% of their complaints were beyond their control.
Mostly it was about the weather but there were other stupid little gripes not worthy of posting.   I know that griping is the easiest form of bonding. I get that, it’s the reason social media is so successful. It’s the world’s largest coffee klatch. I’m so sick of it!

So I’m giving myself a challenge. Tomorrow is June 1st. I’m going to go the entire month of June with no complaining on Facebook.  In fact, I’m going to post one thing I’m thankful for EVERY DAY. (because it would be so easy to not complain AND not post)

My friend Kristen* and I tried this last year in November, but I lost my dog and it got messy so it was hard not to complain. This time, I’m expecting bad things to happen, unavoidable things that could crush my spirit and I’m STILL not going to complain to the masses. I’m not saying we should be Polyanna about everything and act like it’s all perfect. But to be honest, when you complain on Facebook, it brings me down because 90% of your complaints AREN’T VALID!

You know what a valid complaint is? (Pulled from my FB)
~MY chemo meds are making me super sick, any natural remedies for nausea?
~The insurance company has been giving me the runaround about the coverage for the NICU. UGH SO FRUSTRATED!
~Looks like progesterone shots every 2 weeks starting at 16 weeks and possibly cerclage *btw she wasn’t even complaining*

Those are a few examples and they’re all very HEAVY issues. There are plenty of valid complaints that aren’t that heavy. Even so, they don’t always need to be shared with 500 of your closest friends.

So I hope you’ll join me on my adventure into positivity. Complaining isn’t as cool as you think.

*Footnote about Kristen after going for so long without posting negatively. A few weeks ago she posted this status:

“Just got to work and there’s a CARNIVAL in the street where I like to park…..I guess I have to pay for the garage.”

Most people would have been ANGRY that they had to pay for parking in a Chicago garage, myself included. But that’s not how I read it when she posted it. I read it as “OMG guys a CARNIVAL!! How fun!!” Maybe that’s not how she intended it but that’s how it was perceived.


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  1. Dianne Carpenter
    May 31, 2012 @ 20:16:03

    I’m in! After reading Cary’s blogs who is writing about gratitude, I was going to start doing the same thing… post a positive thing each day on Facebook. So ready, set, GO!


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