Why I love red bandanas.

My Grandpa Dale:

Had the ability to make me feel like I’m the prettiest, smartest girl in the world.

Could make friends with anyone he met.

Had a killer smile and eyes that sparkled.

Smoked a Pipe when I was younger, and I loved it! Even after he quit, his cologne always smelled vaguely of pipe to me.

He would mow the lawn in cutoff jeans and a red bandana around his head. He always kept a red bandana in his pocket as a hanky.  I always thought those red bandana hankies were gross.

Wednesday May 2nd my Grandpa Dale turned 86.  He woke up having a good day.  He spoke to several friends and family members on the phone, calling to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Grandpa wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner, so his son and daughter-in-law picked up Grandma and Grandpa and took them out.   My Uncle Gary cracked peanuts for him and Grandpa had a steak, a LOADED baked potato, a beer and a Manhattan.  He had a really wonderful birthday dinner.

A few hours later…he died.  He’d been sick for about a year off and on, but that’s not what’s important.  What’s amazing, and wonderful and borderline poetic is that he spent his last day with his family making a memory that they’ll never forget.

And I have two of his red bandana hankies…and the memory of pipe tobacco mixed with cologne.


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