Keepin it real…

My day started off in what could have been a really sucky way.  Fortunately, my husband has been training himself to turn negatives into positives and it has apparently brushed off on me because I didn’t even let it bug me. I just kept on trucking like nothing happened.

The previous paragraph is annoying. I used to read A LOT of blogs (mostly perfect mommy blogs) that were all about ways to make your life “easier”.  These women writing these blogs always seemed to have everything perfectly in it’s place at all times.  They would make comments like “I really don’t have it all together even though it might seem like I do.”  Every time I would read that I would imagine them laughing and tossing their bouncy blonde hair and then I’d throw up in my mouth a little.  For some reason, I WOULD STILL READ THEM and then use them as a measuring stick on how well I’m doing in my own messy life.

So I’ve decided to start this blog of with a healthy dose of “Keepin’ it real”.  For those of you who have seen the Dave Chapelle show, you know, this could go terribly wrong.  I REALLY want to link to a YouTube video and tell you readers who are easily offended to not click on the link.  But then you’d click the link thinking “I’m not REALLY that easily offended.” and then…be offended.

I went mountain biking this morning and got a wicked bruise on my knee.  I wiped out 3 minutes after I started and it’s some serious road rash!  Not to mention I have road rash in other places that should not be photographed.  You might have noticed I used the term road rash.  You see, by “mountain biking” I mean rode my mountain bike down Monroe Street (a really flat road in LaPorte for those of you who don’t know) the bike lane ended and I figured I’d get on the sidewalk.  Why? I have no freaking idea! It’s never a good idea to ride on the sidewalk. So I went from road to sidewalk, misjudged the wet pavement and blammo! I fell like a 7 year old who took their training wheels off too soon. Yup, I mountain bike!

I made it to book club just fine (other than the aforementioned road rash in various places) had breakfast (did I mention this is all taking place in the 6am hour??) and lively conversation with friends.

The problem with 7am breakfast is the Popsicle you have to have at 10am. 

I honestly wasn’t that hungry…just wanted a Popsicle.  And don’t worry Janet (I know you’re reading this and if not WTH??) it’s an “all Natural” Popsicle with no HFCS…..ok, I didn’t know for sure that there wasn’t but I just checked the box and we’re good! Seriously only 12 ingredients! (stop making that face Janet it was ONE 12 INGREDIENT POPSICLE AND I BIKED TO BREAKFAST!)

Below is the current state of our kitchen. That’s my husband Cary. Looks like he’s doing that massive pile of dishes right? Nope, I’m pretty sure he’s washing something so he has a vessel to eat out of, but that’s about it.  I’m on medical leave and Cary works full time and goes to school full time so he really shouldn’t come home to this kind of a mess!  Don’t worry I’ll do them later.  (I’ve been saying that for literally a week now.  Don’t get me wrong, dishes have been washed but those friggin’ casserole dishes are the bane of my existence.)

Best. Housewife. EVER.

I’m sure it looks like that kitchen is trashed because I’m testing recipes for food blogging. That’s sort of true. I’ve had two blunders in the last week that I couldn’t bring myself to post. I thought I’d have the energy to wash the dishes and do them again the right way but honestly…washing a 9×13 pan SUCKS! The only thing worse than that?



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janet
    May 03, 2012 @ 09:29:56

    Your kitchen reminds me of my kitchen when I lived by you. Is there a half bath/ laundry room just inside that door next to Cary?

    LOVE your blog!!! You Rock!!!!!!


  2. Sunny
    May 03, 2012 @ 12:07:29

    You have dogs and STILL need to wash your 9X13 pans? What’s wrong with you?


  3. rinnieeats
    May 09, 2012 @ 09:20:43

    Sunny it marked your comment as spam! Weird! Yeah our doggies have sensitive stomachs so they don’t get to lick plates or pans. But OH if they could! My life would be so different!


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