Happy Celiac awareness month! What the crap does that mean? Allow me….


It’s May day!

May is Celiac awareness month. I don’t have Celiac disease but I am gluten intolerant. The difference between the two is both simple and confusing. Celiac is an auto-immune disease where when gluten enters the body it attacks itself causing the person to become ill in many different ways. Gluten-intolerance (read that link) causes some of the same symptoms as Celiac but it can’t necessarily be diagnosed using a blood test (but some can, see I told you it’s simple and confusing). Bottom line, me and gluten don’t mix!

Gluten intolerance or sensitivity affects 6% of the general population and most of them don’t even realize it’s affecting them. As my friend Trista says, people are so used to walking around feeling like crap all the time, they have no idea something is ‘wrong’.”

For me it’s a quality of life issue. If I “get glutened” I’m down for a few days. Migraines, intestinal distress (that’s the nice way of saying constipation and/or diarrhea) lethargy and emotional stress.

The beautiful thing about figuring out that gluten was my problem, is that life is so much richer without it. Most people when they find out I can’t eat gluten respond with “That sucks!” At first I agreed. Now, I realize that if I hadn’t figured it out, I wouldn’t be eating nearly as well as I do now. Not to mention I’d be sick all the time just like when I was younger.

In October of this year it will have been 3 years since I went gluten-free.  Most of my life I was randomly sick, I would pass out for no reason, and no matter how many tests they ran they couldn’t find the problem. I was just “weird” and need to stay hydrated. Since 2009 life is just better.

And YUMMY! Because I can’t eat most convenience foods, I’ve had to rely on becoming creative in my own kitchen. I’ve been fairly successful at feeding my extended family gluten free foods. They didn’t say things like “Wow, this is good for being gluten-free.” but instead things like “Wow, this is GOOD!” which is how it should be!  You can make really great gluten free food. It happens all the time.

I’ll show you more soon!


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