I am a leader…and this doesn’t really have anything to do with food.

So I made it my policy last year to watch every TED talk that someone links to when I come across one. I stand by this policy and encourage you to do the same. Most of them take mere minutes out of your day and can absolutely change your life.

May we all tell each other about the Lollypop moments we experience. My husband writes about his practice of doing something similar in his life. His link is under the blogroll to the right.




50 different names one result…DELICIOUS!

When I was a little girl I was super picky and ate like a bird.  I’m not sure when that changed but I think it was around the time I started ballet. I remember being 12 and scarfing down a double quarter pounder with cheese and a large french fry.  I now shudder at the idea of eating that junk but I digress.

I used to spend tons of time with my mom’s best friend Mary and she was  able to get me to eat things I would never eat for my parents. She would buy nectarines and plums and I would eat them with vigor.
There is one food that I have NEVER really enjoyed.


Mary, however, made me “egg in a hole” and I have loved it every since! It’s known by many other names but I think egg in a hole is pretty self explanatory as opposed to the other ones.  It is one of my favorite comfort foods and it’s ridiculously easy to make. Teach your kids, they’ll have a blast making it!

Because I’m laid up after having surgery a week ago I’m in need of both comfort, protein, and ease of preparation. So yesterday I made some Egg in a Hole. However, because I’m on pain meds and easily distracted I overcooked it a bit and didn’t get the pics I wanted. But that’s the great thing about Egg in a Hole! It’s hard to mess up. It was still delicious!


Egg in a Hole


  • Bread (Gluten Free for me)

  • Eggs (Preferred farm fresh)

  • Butter (the real stuff not margarine)


There are several ways to make this, but here’s what I do.

Take a slice of bread and cut a hole in the middle. Keep the piece you cut out. Butter the bread with the hole in it on both sides.

Heat a pan or skillet over medium heat. This is important because if you get it too hot the egg will cook faster than the bread will brown.

Throw the holey bread in the heated skillet, then crack an egg in the center of the hole and top with salt and pepper.  Then throw the cut out pieces on the skillet too. (You can butter them if you want but it’s not necessary)

Let the egg and the bread cook a bit (about 2-3 minutes should be good) then test with a spatula to see if you can move the bread.  If you can’t then let it cook a bit more.  Once the egg is cooked enough to scoop up the bread/egg with a spatula flip that bad boy over.

If you lose track of what you’re doing because you realize, now that you’re cooking that you’re in pain, and you wander around looking for your bottle of Vicodin you may come back to the cut out pieces looking like this.

See that’s no bueno! But I like things extra crispy so I didn’t really have a problem with it. Like I said, it’s really difficult to screw up.

  After you flip it over, don’t let it hang out for too long because you don’t want your yolk to get too hard. You want it just set up enough so that you don’t have that gross snotty white part. (Note to self: Not everyone is going to enjoy your vivid descriptions of uncooked food and that’s ok, be true to yourself…and buy stamps we’re almost out)

 You’ll want to do the “can I move the bread test” again in order to decide if you’re done or not. Because I lost patience and was afraid of overcooking the other side, I got the yucky loose white part but it doesn’t matter, I just scooped it out and enjoyed it anyway!


 So because these images were taken on my iPhone (and this is my first post) I’m not sure how to blow them up but note that beautiful yellow yolk! That’s perfect for dipping that cut out piece right in there!

 Also, you can tell that this was a picture taken in my lap. I curled up with my blankie and dove right in.




And that right there is the perfect bite!——–>